Misfortune: Salem's Close-Up Magic Experience

Misfortune: Salem's Close-Up Magic ExperienceProfessor Spindlewink's World of Wizardry, 194 3/4 Essex Street15oct6:30 pm9:00 pm

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Two Shows

6:30 PM – 7:30 PM

8:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Be a part of Salem’s close-up magic experience! Join an intimate audience and explore the limits of luck. Local magician Evan Northrup presents a collection of unforgettable illusions inspired by superstitions, intuition, and unlikely twists of fate.

Each seating is limited to a small number of audience members so that everyone is within a few feet of the magic. While there’s nothing inappropriate for younger audience members, this show has been designed for people over 18 years old.


“Your show was AMAZING! We had so much fun and were mystified. Can’t wait for you to be back in Salem to be dazzled once again.”

Kim Driscoll, Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts

“We had a certain expectation for a magician. Not only did you deliver, you went above and beyond. You brought a life to the show that was felt by all.”

Don MacLean, Regional VP of Operations, Kings Dining and Entertainment

“I am now a firm believer that magic happens!”

Boston Teachers Union

“Exquisitely responsive to the audience in front of you. You are a wonderful storyteller as well as a magician, drawing everyone in so we were laughing one moment, and in the next we were so rapt you could hear a pin drop.”

Incredibly Eloquent Audience Member!

Is the show scary?

Nope! There are no jump scares or “haunted house” moments. You can expect some incredible, interactive close up magic and perhaps some eerie coincidences; but we’re not here to scare you (there’s plenty of that in Salem already!)

Is this a seance?

No. This show is sleight of hand and performance magic! Some occult symbols may make an appearance (who doesn’t love Tarot Cards?), but we won’t be actively communicating with deceased folks or determining our futures… … probably.

Is there an age limit?

While there’s nothing inappropriate for younger audiences, this show has been specifically designed for people about 18 years old and over. We’ve had younger audiences members who are interested in magic or theater, and they’re able to participate, but this is NOT a magic show meant for kids!

Where is the show exactly?

Inside Professor Spindlewink’s World of Wizardry – in the heart of downtown Salem right on Essex Street! After the rest of the building closes down for the night, one room comes alive with magic! All you have to do is get to the main entrance and we’ll take it from there! 194 3/4 Essex Street, Salem