Pass the Mask – Salem Style!

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Featured Performers

Addams Family of Salem:

Ty Hapworth, Salem City Councillor: @tyforsalem

Dustin Luca: Salem News Reporter: @mooseluca / @salemnews

Kevin Heim as Ivan Schablotski Ghost Busters: @crazy1van

Uncle Boogieman: @uncleboogieman

Michael Myers: @witchcitymichaelmyers

Sam: @halloweenhappy

Mr. Clever: editor: @adventuresofclever

BORAH!: @salemsblackhatsociety

Mayor Kim Driscoll: @mayorkimdriscoll

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, the City of Salem created Salem Together. This special page on the cities website includes health information, including what to do if you are sick, resources for employers and workers suffering economic injury from the emergency, food resources both for those seeking assistance and those interesting in providing it, links to donate to funds helping those in need, outlets for those willing to volunteer time and energy to help others, and links to make specific requests for help. The page will be updated routinely as new resources are identified, so residents are encouraged to check it on a regular basis.

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