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haunted happenings marketplace, holiday gift guide 2021

It has been all over the news lately that holiday shopping this year might be tricky. With the events of 2020 still causing lasting effects on businesses and causing intense shipping delays, it is best to get a head start!! Shopping local is an amazing way to support your favorite businesses and ensure they can continue doing what they do PLUS you have the added bonus of getting your shopping done before the the season even begins. It’s a win-win!

The Haunted Happenings Marketplace is an excellent place to get a head start on the season. It also has the added benefit of being a fantastic place to shop for your loved ones who enjoy all things spooky, horror, dark and Halloween! Today’s blog post is a run down of a few vendors that fit the bill perfectly for your macabre friends and family. Keep in mind this list is not all inclusive, there are tons of other vendors available who are also amazing choices. These are just a handful to get the ideas flowing.

So grab your holiday shopping list and be sure to join us weekends in October in historic Salem, MA.

For the spooky home

The art of Nicole Pisaniello

“Nicole Pisaniello is an artist and designer with a penchant for the fantastical. Her work has been shown in fantasy art books, galleries, as designs for businesses, and in two solo shows at The Poe Museum in Richmond. She enjoys melding the beautiful with the grotesque, and it is her belief that much of her artistic insanity comes from being exposed to the works of Brian Froud, David Bowie, and Tim Curry at too young an age.” [Source]

Creative Cinderella aka WebsbyCinderella

“We preserve real spiders webs and then use those spider webs in jewelry, frames, on furniture and more!” [Source]

Eliza Kingsbury Art

“Tarot art, moth and insect paintings, goth vinyl stickers, silk screened t-shirts and handmade ornaments.” [Source]

Horror & Media fans

Cruel Vibes

“Hand bleached horror flannels.” [Source]

Two Moons Media

“Book/ illustrated poem, “All Hallows’ Eve”, and related artwork (digital art printed on canvas) and CDs — Awakened by the feeling that “all was not right,” our heroine boldly lets her curiosity lead her to a supernatural spectacle that builds to an unexpected and heartwarming climax. Reminiscent of “The Night Before Christmas” — but for Halloween!” [Source]

Hocus Pocus-MBB

For those of you who are a fan of the Mortal Bus Boy in the cult classic Hocus Pocus. [Source]

Image by Deathorations

Macabre and gothic gift ideas


“Dead things made into art, jewelry, and decor. Parakeet wing earrings, earrings with bone or quills, decor, specimens, skulls, pet memorials from body and ash, mini coffin shaped shelves, witches broom, walking sticks, herb cabinets, all made with dead items from nature. Everything sold is made by hand and the materials used are from nature!” [Source]

Lindsy Marshall Glass

“Mixed media sculpture and glass artist. I have a wide range of glass oddities, home decor that highlights the macabre, large scale paintings and unique jewelry!” [Source]

Blood Sugar

“Blood Sugar is a mostly handmade brand that celebrates the spooky and celestial from vintage horror to tarot cards.” [Source]

Image by Jessibelle Studio

For the year ’round Halloween enthusiast

Jessibelle Studio

“Handmade home décor, including burlap and ribbon wreaths, wood-mounted string art, macramé home décor, and photography of Eastern US flora and fauna. Some other items being sold include, Handmade Halloween hair bows, Halloween themed Christmas ornaments and hand knit blankets!” [Source]

Crafty Critters

“Seasonal handcrafted decorations for Halloween – witches, ghosts, black cats, large sitting scarecrows, pumpkin stacks & heads – all fun faces that are hand painted or embroidered. Thanksgiving – turkeys, many different styles, hanging, sitting; different types of pilgrims, which are great sellers since not many people create Thanksgiving items. Again with pleasant, nice faces – painted or embroidered.” [Source]

Bats in the Belfry Crafts

“Our goal is to provide you with a wide selection of creep-tacular goodies such as plush, prints, stickers and more so you can find the perfect way to trick or treat yourself or a friend.” [Source]

Image by Reiki Magick

Gifts for the witch in your life

Reiki Magick

“Reiki Magick offers a combination of energy work, spiritual work, psychic readings, natural product lines and training.” [Source]

Tiffany + Tribe

“Crystals, stones, handcrafted jewelry, incense/holders, tapestries, pendulums, books, unique gifts.” [Source]

Herbal Folk House

“Herbal apothecary goods such as balms, salves, candles, and oils as well as electroformed magickal items like wands and talismans.” [Source]

I hope this helped give you some ideas for your holiday shopping lists this year. We have three more weekends left of the Haunted Happenings Marketplace and we look forward to seeing you there!

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