Last minute Halloween costume ideas

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Oh no! Did you come to Salem, MA without a Halloween costume? Last minute Halloween costume ideas in Salem are abundant at the Haunted Happenings Marketplace. There are tons of amazing vendors spread between all three locations that can help you put one together and join in on the fun.

Please note that the following suggestions are just a few of the many options that will be available at the Haunted Happenings Marketplace on Salem Common and Derby Square. Feel free to browse the entire vendor list as we gear up for the October festivities.

Last minute witch costume

It’s no secret that Salem, MA and witches go hand in hand. From the Salem Witch Trials to witch themed attractions, businesses, vendors and more, the two are hard to separate. If Salem’s history combined with the sound of Borah screaming “Next!” at tourists have you inspired then the following vendors are for you.

Evercrumbly and Witch

“Hand-crafted hats made with traditional millinery methods and high-quality materials. All of our hats are made entirely from scratch, base hat and all, by us in our workshop in MA. We are known for our quality, Over-the-Top Witch hats, but also offer fascinators, felt hats, straw hats, and derby hats with a dark and witchy twist!” [Source]

Castle Lane

“Beautiful hand-painted velvet capes and cloaks, wool cloaks, and pirate coats – as well as Steampunk, Renaissance, and Viking-themed clothing. Hand-painted attire is by artist Jennifer Hunt, who loves to create art you can wear.” [Source]

Last minute Halloween costume ideas, Creative Collective Haunted Happenings Marketplace 2021

Thackery Binx, what took thee so long?

You don’t need to wait hundreds of years for someone to light the black flame candle. Putting together a quick and easy black cat costume can be done in minutes.

Notso Kitty

“For cat lovers we have cat-themed local art and postcards, stickers, scrunchies, face masks and handmade cat ears.” [Source]

Stop by Notso Kitty, grab some handmade cat ears and you’re half way there.

Coven Beauty Co.

“Salem’s Modern Witch Boutique, Coven Beauty Company offers a twist of Salem’s charm with apparel, accessories, SFX makeup, jewelry, ritual tools, candles, gifts and more!” [Source]

With the cat ears in place, grab some makeup from Coven Beauty Co. to complete the look! Add whiskers with eyeliner and a pink nose with lipstick and you are all set.

Bonus tip: Hocus Pocus was filmed in various spots around Salem, MA! These locations include the Old Town Hall, The Ropes Mansion (pictured above), the Salem Common and a private residence at 4 Ocean Ave.

Last minute Halloween costume ideas, Creative Collective Haunted Happenings Marketplace 2021

Fantasy costume ideas

Fairy and elf ears, horns, crowns, cuffs, wings and all things fantasy. These are all quick and easy options for putting together a last minute Halloween costume at the Haunted Happenings Marketplace.

Mystical Inspirations

“Headpieces, fairy and elf ears, jewelry, wands, boxes, sculptures, sun catchers, dream catchers, horns, paintings, wire trees and hand dug crystals.” [Source]


“The name Hiranor is based on the Sindarin Elvish language, meaning Lord of the Sun in reference to the wielding of light in the creation of most of our works through the use of our star piece of equipment, the laser cutter. All pieces are conceived and created in house by owner Boone and his wife Sheila with inspirations from nature, music, fantasy, and the macabre. Homebound during the first wave of the pandemic, Boone decided to use the opportunity to launch something dear to him. Now Hiranor has become the main focus for them both. The two reside in the Hudson Valley, US along with their beloved animal friends. Thank you everyone for looking, and good vibes to you.” [Source]

Wild Calling Arts

“Wild Calling cards are hand made archetype themed leather masks, crowns, collars, and cuffs. Original archetype themed designs on enamel pins, patches, T-shirts, and tote bags, and prints.” [Source]

Fairy Haven

“Hand-Crafted costume items: Horns to be worn on head as costume, Fairy Tails, Fairy Wings and Clip-on Fantasy ear cuffs!” [Source]

Last minute Halloween costume ideas, Creative Collective Haunted Happenings Marketplace 2021

Easy face painting ideas for Halloween

Face painting makes last minute Halloween costume ideas a snap.

Face Paint Fantasy is available for airbrush face painting with minimal contact and glitter art tattoos done with single use stencils. [Source]

Last minute Halloween costume ideas, Creative Collective Haunted Happenings Marketplace 2021

Haunted Happenings Marketplace 2021

The Haunted Happenings Marketplace returns to Salem, MA for 2021 in a matter of days, each weekend in October. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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